COVID-19 information for the deaf community in Tanzania

‘There is no information for the deaf regarding COVID-19. In such a crisis situation, the disabled are extra vulnerable. Is there any way you can help?’ 

So began an email to CICED in early April from Dickson Mveyange, Director of CHAVITA, the Deaf organization in Tanzania.

With CISU on corona alert, CHAVITA and CICED prepared an application for support for an information campaign via TV stations and local health authorities. Now CISU has granted DKK 200,000 for an emergency intervention over two months.

CHAVITA is collaborating with the Ministry of Health, regional administrations, TV stations and CHAVITA’s local chapters on an intensive awareness campaign for the country’s deaf community about COVID-19 prevention. The campaign runs until mid-July.

At the time of writing, there are less than 600 registered COVID-19 cases in Tanzania. Hopefully, the campaign targeting the deaf community in the country will help keep the infection rate low.

We’ll follow and report more on the effort when there’s news.

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