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Twenty years is no age….

1. April 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

...for radical education reform (reading time approx. 7 min)Danish support for better education for Tibetans-in-Exile is now entering its twentieth year. It was back in 2003-04 that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark sent the 'old' CICED to Dharamsala...

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The reverse migration

1. April 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

(Reading time 3 min.)Across the world, migration flows from country to city. Also, in Mongolia, difficult living conditions in the countryside and the dream of a more comfortable life are driving people to the capital, Ulaanbaatar and the country's two...

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Mongolian zud – not just a harsh winter

21. March 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

There are many kinds of zud. And it's not just a very cold winter with lots of snow, as it's often mistakenly described. Zudis a recurring endemic disaster[i] with many variations, but what they all have in common is that it leads to mass deaths of...

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