ViSTA Magazine

Perspectives on education and civil society

With ViSTA , CICED wants to provide ample space for the dissemination of knowledge, experience and views related to education and civil society relevant to our projects.

About ViSTA

With ViSTA , CICED offers practitioners, administrators, policy makers, researchers and students a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas in the field of education and civil society development. Preferably in countries where CICED works with local partners.

With ViSTA , CICED aims to give a more direct voice to our partners and their networks.

With ViSTA , we aim for a form that mixes the (popular) scientific article with the journalistic long-reads.

Articles will be in Danish, English and Spanish. Articles in Spanish will be available for download in Danish.

ViSTA is edited by Johnny Baltzersen (ansvh.), Katinka Hoydal, Jette Luna and Rita Tisdall.

ViSTA is registered as an online magazine with ISSN 2597-0429.

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