Party in the street for sign language

By: Johnny Baltzersen, CICED  

From September 20-26, deaf rights were in the spotlight around the world during International Week of the Deaf.

For CICED’s partner in Tanzania, the deaf organization CHAVITA, it was a busy week spent strengthening the campaign to have sign language recognized as the language of the deaf in Tanzania.

With the support of CICED and through funding from CISU, efforts are intensified to bring local authorities, policy makers and media to focus on deaf rights and especially for the recognition of sign language and thus fulfill the need for access to sign language interpretation as a prerequisite for deaf inclusion and active contribution to society.

The International Week of the Deaf was used for cheerful and informative parades, conferences, local festivals and meetings across the country. CHAVITA also announced that the first online sign language dictionary in Tanzania is in the works. Together with deaf and sign language interpreters, a team of IT professionals have been working on the online dictionary for a few months. The initiative is part of the project collaboration between CICED and CHAVITA. We can’t wait to tell you more when the dictionary goes live.

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