Tireless Ryparken Lille Skole

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A few days before the fall break this school year, CICED was once again invited to Ryparken Lille Skole to talk about Mongolia and Children’s Ger.

It’s a wonderful tradition that began on Schools’ Exercise Day in 2011, when students and teachers sprinted for the first time to raise money for Children’s Ger in Mongolia.

The model is simple, healthy and supportive. Teachers organize, students run, parents and well-wishers pay according to how far their dear children run, and the children at Children’s Ger can get winter clothes, new school books, food at school or whatever is needed most.

Once again this year, winter clothing was at the top of the wish list, and the DKK 9900 raised was a very welcome contribution to ensure that the 48 children – 30 children at the school and 18 of their siblings – can stay warm, even when the temperature drops to around minus 20 to minus 30 degrees.

We bring you a handful of photos showing a few examples of winter clothing distribution at Children’s Ger. There’s also a ‘clip’ from the shopping trip of the two teachers – Saraa and Tunga. Saraa and Tungaa take measurements of young and old, and then the hunt for the best deals begins.

Money has to go a long way, and it’s not every year that both upper body and feet can be dressed for winter. But 2023 is a good year.

Once again, thank you to the students, teachers and parents at Ryparken Lille Skole.

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