Danish support for education for Tibetans in exile – phase 5

Project start-finish



10,000,000 DKK


Central Tibetan Administration / Department of Education, Dharamsala, India

About Project

Since 1992, Denmark has supported the Tibetan community in exile in India. 

The overall purpose of the grant is to contribute to the preservation of Tibetan culture and the democratization of the Tibetan community in exile.

Since 2006, Danish aid is designed to support the Central Tibetan Administration in Exile (CTA) and its Department of Education (DoE) to implement the Basic Education Policy (BEP), which aims to “develop an education system that has Tibetan traditional education as its core, and modern education as its essential partner”.

The current project focuses on the fundamental right to education for all Tibetans and the preservation of Tibetan culture and educational heritage and the Tibetan language.

The project supports the implementation of BEP in all schools under CTA/DoE and consolidates the capacity required to ensure sustainability and the continued development of educational quality in schools for Tibetans in the exile community.

Focus on improved teacher training, continued curriculum development, development of teaching and learning materials and improved school infrastructure including physical improvements and provision of IT equipment.

A main focus is also to continue the publication and terminology standardization program to ensure that the standardized Tibetan language is used by teachers and students.

Finally, the focus will be on supporting more students to continue with secondary education in VET.

The project is in line with Denmark’s new strategy “The World 2030”, and it relates in particular to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4 Quality Education and 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


Twenty years is no age….

1. April 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

...for radical education reform (reading time approx. 7 min)Danish support for better education for Tibetans-in-Exile is now entering its twentieth year. It was back in 2003-04 that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark sent the 'old' CICED to Dharamsala...

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RIGLAM – the path to logical thinking

6. December 2023 Johnny Baltzersen

Riglam or Buddhist dialectical method has been practiced in Tibetan monasteries for centuries. Riglam is seen as an effective method to achieve deeper realization of Buddhism through argumentation and counter-argumentation. Anchored in the Basic Education Policy of 2004, riglam is...

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Tibetan crayon – and other new words

7. September 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen, chair, CICED  As we all know, language is constantly evolving. Words come and go. This is especially true for the Tibetan language. Since time immemorial, Tibetan has been rich in philosophical and literary concepts, and along with...

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Buddhist dialectics

9. June 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

- and other good news from the exiled Tibetan community in India  The exiled Tibetan community in India, like everyone else in the country, is also affected by COVID-19 lockdown. A reopening is currently underway, but it is uncertain how...

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Preserving language with an app

6. November 2019 Johnny Baltzersen

Tibetan language is challenged - they are doing something about it in Dharamsala  By: Johnny Baltzersen, CICED 'The overarching purpose of our work is to preserve and promote Tibetan language and culture. We aim that in five years, the majority...

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