International Disability Day

Written by: Rita Tisdall, CICED.               

Every year on December 3rd we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It’s a day dedicated to recognizing the struggles, achievements and contributions of persons with disabilities around the world.  Since 1992, this day has served as a platform to raise awareness, challenge misconceptions and advocate for the rights and well-being of people with disabilities.

Helambu Municipality joins the world

For the first time ever, the rural municipality of Helambu held a Disability Day in honor of its citizens with disabilities, especially children with disabilities and their parents. The event was held in the village of Chanaute.

Adults with disabilities, children with disabilities, their parents, government officials and guests from Kathmandu and abroad gathered to celebrate the day. Music was played, food was served and movies about people with disabilities were shown. But most impressive of all was the warm atmosphere where parents and people with disabilities shared their stories. Many cried and there were many standing ovations in recognition of the parents’ work and struggle.

One of the most important issues highlighted was that children with disabilities should never be separated from their families. There were harrowing stories of children who had gone to shelters to get an education but were abused. The mayor of Helambu, Nima Gyaljen Hyolmo, recently stated that no child under the age of ten should be sent away from their parents.

Helambu, a municipality that takes disability seriously

The mayor was praised for the steps that have recently been taken in his area in terms of developing disability services. Until recently, there was no data and few offers for people with disabilities. For example, you now know how many people live with disabilities in the area. Every child and family has been visited and counseled about their child and the services needed.

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