Eulogy – Marcus Balslev

Marcus Balslev, valued friend and colleague, co-founder of CICED, has passed away after a short illness. 

Marcus was one of the most decent people I have ever met.
Orderly in the broadest sense of the word.
Always attentive to others. And intensely focused on his tasks. Its responsibility.
Always ready to give something of themselves to make others feel a little better.

It was life-affirming and a privilege to work with Marcus.

For Marcus, ‘good enough’ in life and in professional work was never good enough.
He could and should always go the extra mile.
Life and work had to be more than just successful.

They know this not least in Eritrea, where Marcus for several years was the brain and heart behind a tailor-made education program that led a few dozen students without the optimal prerequisites to successful diploma programs.

This is known to the many colleagues and students where Marcus was a cog in an ambitious effort to develop international work.

Marcus was kindness and joie de vivre itself.

He was in high spirits when he would delight us with gastronomic surprises in the office late in the afternoon.
And when we, as the ‘black sheep’, invited colleagues to dinner under the slogan ‘lamb in the calm’.
No buffet under Marcus’ tutelage.
Classic five-course dining only.
Bruce Springsteen at full blast for dessert.
And dance until the sun came up.

When the international development projects had no future at UCC, Marcus was immediately involved in founding CICED.
In the early years, he was a driving force behind CICED’s success.

BUPL and Africa called. Marcus became a much-loved and highly respected player in the development of early childhood education in a number of African countries. Praise lined up on social media every time Marcus organized a workshop or spoke at a large conference.

Marcus has passed away. He is deeply, deeply missed.
But his whole wonderful and loving nature stays with us.

In honor of his memory.

On behalf of CICED

Johnny Baltzersen, chair

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