New opportunities – for parents too

By: Johnny Baltzersen  

With only 38% of the population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Bolivia has a long way to go. But there is some hope for better times ahead. Or there was, until the omicron variant appeared on the horizon.

After record-breaking infection rates of over 7000 daily cases back in June this year, the number had dropped to around 1500 per day. In the optimistic time slot until November, CICED’s project with Acción Andina de Educación in the Potosí region has launched a few of the initiatives that were in lockdown during the first corona wave.

It’s not just quality education for children and young people that is in short supply in Potosí. Parents and grandparents of the approximately 2050 children and youth involved in the project will be engaged in socio-productive initiatives that can create new income opportunities for families in the four participating communities. That’s why the project offers a range of courses and entrepreneurial support.

The focus is also on girls’ educational opportunities and gender equality:

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