On course for a sharp year

There are new words and features in our social landscapes. When we search, we Google.
And now we zoom in when we meet. This was also the case at the recent CICED General Assembly. We were supposed to have a proper party – a 10th birthday party. 

But we all know why parties are a no-go zone, so not another word about it.

At CICED, we like to turn dilemmas into potentials. No party, but a general meeting must be held. And with online general meetings, we could also contribute to the expansion of member democracy.

From Amager to Australia, Berlin to Birkerød and from Langeland and Rømø, CICED members signed in at the general assembly. A great experience worth remembering once the corona is tamed.

A new work program 2021 sets out an ambitious agenda for CICED in the coming year.
Five new projects are in the pipeline:

  • teacher training with a focus on sustainable use of the rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon;
  • a fifth phase of working with the exiled Tibetan community to improve schools and education;
  • quality education and safe schools in Helambu/Nepal;
  • and two projects in Tanzania – one with the deaf organization focusing on deaf rights and one with the sign language interpreters’ association focusing on capacity building.

CICED’s communication work is going very well, but there is room for improvement. Together with professional communicators, we are working hard to strengthen CICED NYT, website, ViSTA, Facebook and whatever else we come up with.

A focal point will be more voices and more images from the field, from our partners and those who actively participate in the projects. We also want to engage more directly with our members and supporters. And an exuberant and sharp communication work must be the starting point for gaining more members.

CICED’s board for the coming year: Johnny Baltzersen (chair), Jette Luna (vice-chair), Christiane Trolle-Busck (treasurer), Emilie Lykfeldt Eriksen, Katinka Hoydal, Ida Lund, Sven Kjær Nielsen, Rita Tisdall. Deputies: Ranjan Lama, Martin Sandström Ommundsen.

Read the full work program here

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