Strengthen what works…and increase support for civil society

This is the headline of a brand new proposal from Global Focus, an umbrella organization for many civil society organizations, of which CICED is also a member. 

Global Focus recommends that 25% of Danish development aid should go to civil society. That’s a jump from the current 17%.

The proposal comes as a contribution to the debate on a new Danish development policy strategy, which will be negotiated during 2021.

The Danish Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee kicked off the debate on Thursday d. 28.1. with an online hearing from the Parliament Hall.

CISU and Global Focus have been invited to a debate with the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen in the near future. CICED participates and contributes to the best of its ability. In this newsletter we will share links and comments to consultation responses and debates etc. And give our opinion.

One theme we’re sure to hear more about is the link between development aid and refugees. Should development aid pay for the much-discussed reception centers in, for example, northern Africa?

One answer to the question comes from Lars Engberg-Pedersen, Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies. ‘It is a betrayal of development aid’, he writes in a blog post in Globalnyt.

Read the post here.

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