The priest blesses – toast in cola

Project car in Bolivia is inaugurated as prescribed. Once the car reaches the indigenous people of Potosí, more blessings await as the priest is replaced by local wise men and women.  

We hadn’t planned to use a project car, but the roads in Potosí have become so bad that a regular passenger car has to give up. And no one will rent out for driving in the area.

So with a reallocation of some of the budget and a contribution of DKK 40,000 from CICED’s own coffers, a used four-wheel drive could be afforded. Without it, the project simply wouldn’t move forward.

The four-wheel drive is already in full swing.
Shovels, graters, sewing machines and knitting machines will be delivered for the production part of our project on quality education for poor children and young people in the Potosí region.

And without a good and blessed vehicle, tools don’t reach the villages.

The production components – horticulture, agriculture and textile manufacturing – will pave the way for sustainable living in the local area.

Corona has closed schools in Bolivia, but productive activities can be rolled up with spring. Young people need to learn craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, and thus also how to sell the products. Theory and practice go hand in hand.

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