CICED Board of Directors and alternates for 2023-2024

CICED’s board of directors consists of 7 members – plus 2 deputies.

The board meets 6 times a year and otherwise as needed.

Johnny Baltzersen


Teacher, MA and PhD with focus on school development and change processes. Since 1992 head of center and chief consultant on development programs and projects in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, China/Tibet Autonomous Region, India, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal and Tanzania. Coordinates CICED’s work with development projects; responsible for the work in Mongolia, the exiled Tibetan community and Tanzania. Manages CICED’s website and edits CICED NYT. Co-founder of CICED.

Jette Luna

Vice chairperson

Teacher, Master in Educational Sociology and Master in Second Language. Has worked in Latin America as an educational consultant in bilingual intercultural education in Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. In Denmark, has worked as a consultant in Danish as a second language at UCC; manager of an education program for late-arriving young refugees and immigrants; education advisor at Oxfam IBIS, responsible for education programs in Latin America. Currently working in Gladsaxe Municipality as head of reception classes and consultant in Danish as a second language.

Katinka Hoydal


MBA. Lived 3 years in Bolivia, where I gained insight into development work

Worked for IBIS as a correspondent/secretary – English/Spanish

Has been a volunteer secretary for Danish NGO (Dialogos)

I have been employed in the ‘old’ CICED from 1994 – 2002, where my administrative area of responsibility was training/development programs in respectively. Mongolia, Nepal, Bolivia and Eritrea.

Member of various boards, including the Bolivia Country Group.

Member of i.a. Bolivia Country Group. Member of CICED’s secretariat, participates in working groups on Bolivia and Peru projects, treasurer.

Rita Tisdall

Board member

Master (cand. pæd.) in International Education and Development Studies, with a focus on special education, inclusion, knowledge sharing and implementation. Post graduate in Diversity and Change Management Studies, London. Internationally accredited teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique.

Since 1991, he has worked with development projects as a volunteer, consultant and advisor in Nepal and has also been a consultant on projects related to Ghana. Has extensive experience with project work for refugees in Denmark. For a number of years, he was responsible for academic courses and taught special education at DIS Denmark.

Klaus Emil Nygaard


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Languages (English and Spanish) from Aarhus School of Business.

Financial Controller at University College Copenhagen.

Responsible for the financial area for training and development projects in the “old CICED” in the period from 1996 to 2019, when the old CICED was a knowledge center and international department at the “old CICED”. Danish Teacher College, CVU Copenhagen-Nordsjælland and University College Copenhagen.

Susanne Jacobsen Pérez

Board member

Cand.mag. in Education and Culture and Language Studies. PhD student focusing on the education of late-arriving young refugees and immigrants. Has worked in Peruvian education NGOs for five years, focusing on teacher training and professional development and advocacy in bilingual intercultural education. Experience in educational development, board work and project development. Since 2017 teaching at Roskilde University and University College Absalon on topics related to multilingualism and teaching in multilingual contexts, learning and general pedagogy, discrimination, interculturality and neo-colonial issues in Denmark and the world.

P. Michael Øllgaard

Board member

Forestry graduate specializing in tropical and subtropical forestry. Studies in tropical agriculture, socio-economics and rural development. 7 years in northern Mozambique working in NGO forestry projects. DANIDA advises 2 years for training and research in an agricultural project in the Middle East. DANIDA is advising a project with forest user groups, catchment-based rural development and training centers for 8 years in Nepal. In Denmark, 10 years in a municipal nature group and most recently contributed to the establishment of the National Network for Climate Adaptation. I specialize in user-led natural resource management, capacity building and association building. My vision is to combine local craft education, close-to-nature forestry, agroforestry, climate adaptation and production as an integrated part of projects.

Christiane Trolle-Busck


Cand. polit with a specialization in social and development economics. Works as a clerk in the finance section at the Danish Public Prosecution Service. He has worked extensively with microfinance and has experience from volunteer work in Denmark and internationally, especially in Latin America. The work of CICED focuses on project development and project management.

Sven Kjær Nielsen


Owner of an IT company. Many years of experience volunteering in various civil society organizations. Co-founder of CICED.

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