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Critical overhaul

19. March 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

Time for an overhaul - project in the Peruvian Amazon This article was written with input from CICED's project coordinator Susanne Pérez First, let's recall what the project is really about: The project aims to develop intercultural education on social...

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Rainforest protection on the curriculum in teacher training

27. June 2023 Susanne Jakobsen Perez

By: Susanne Jacobsen Pérez Over half of Peru's land area is rainforest. Yet the state of the rainforest and its national and global significance is still very low on the school curriculum in Peru. The CICED project Quality education for...

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Sustainable living in the Peruvian Amazon

16. March 2022 Johnny Baltzersen

It required a detour. But it was worth the journey. CISU has approved our application for funding to support sustainable living for indigenous peoples in the Peruvian Amazon. In September last year, we applied and were rejected. There was, as...

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Peru Amazon – rainforest restoration and conservation

25. January 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

CICED is on the way with a new project. To be submitted as a CISU application in March, but we would like to present the ideas now. Teacher training with a focus on rainforest restoration and conservation In the northeastern...

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