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Bad work environment is all about assholes

14. May 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

Reading time 4 min. - Listening time 7 min. This article is written in response to articles in Globalnyt about poor working environment in the NGO industry. Let me start by apologizing for the use of profanity in...

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International aid is increasing, but…..

18. April 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

International aid set a new record in 2023. In other words, the aid calculated by the OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC). The 32 countries on the OECD/DAC list donated 223.7 billion USD last year. This is an increase of 1.8%...

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Debate session – ways to fight poverty

12. January 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

Together with iiINTERest are held:debate meeting on ways to fight povertyd. January 23, 19:00-21:00 Vartov, Farvergade 27,1463 Copenhagen KIt's guaranteed not to be boring.We start with a short movie clip and then go straight to questions and debate.We have invited...

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Hello big media – UN speeches

7. February 2023 Johnny Baltzersen

Yesterday, d. On February 6, the UN Secretary-General presented his priorities for 2023. At a time when the UN and the UN Charter should be receiving massive and intense attention, it is thought-provoking that none of the leading Danish media...

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The money is in the house

23. January 2023 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen While (almost) all the attention is on the abolition of St. Prayer Day in favor of St. Canon Day, some media outlets, such as, report that Danish development NGOs are running out of money for projects...

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Denmark first

24. October 2022 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen In the midst of the election campaign, where the debate on Danish development aid is almost in the dark, the Timbuktu Foundation's annual analysis of development aid is published under the headline 'Denmark first'. It's thought-provoking reading....

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CICED has become a teenager

6. May 2022 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzeren   CICED has become a teenager. Yesterday we held our 13th annual general meeting.   The report tells of the challenges during the corona crisis, the global loss of learning during school closures, but also how our skilled partners...

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Ukraine and aid

28. March 2022 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen  We've been a bit quiet here at CICED news for the past month. The war in Ukraine has consumed the focus and energy of CICED's board members. Now, however, we're back with news and updates. Out in...

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Sharing the World

24. June 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

new danish development policy strategy   Today, Thursday d. On June 24, 2021, Denmark's new development policy strategy will be launched under the heading 'together for the world'. A majority of the Danish parliamentary parties are behind the agreement. In the...

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Strengthen what works…and increase support for civil society

30. January 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

This is the headline of a brand new proposal from Global Focus, an umbrella organization for many civil society organizations, of which CICED is also a member.  Global Focus recommends that 25% of Danish development aid should go to civil...

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On course for a sharp year

20. November 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

There are new words and features in our social landscapes. When we search, we Google. And now we zoom in when we meet. This was also the case at the recent CICED General Assembly. We were supposed to have a...

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Eulogy – Marcus Balslev

11. October 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

Marcus Balslev, valued friend and colleague, co-founder of CICED, has passed away after a short illness.  Marcus was one of the most decent people I have ever met. Orderly in the broadest sense of the word. Always attentive to others....

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COVID-19 impact on children

10. September 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen, Chair, CICED A comprehensive study from Save the Children sheds light on how the most vulnerable children around the world have been affected by COVID-19.  Excerpt from Save the Children's presentation of the study: Around 13,500 children...

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Eulogy – Leo H. Knudsen

24. July 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

Chairman of CICED for almost 10 years, Leo H. Knudsen, passed away after a long illness. July 24, 2020. Leo was just 77 years old.  Leo was a bundle of energy. And kindness itself. Focused, dedicated and efficient in everything...

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3. April 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

An overview of general challenges and how CICED, our partners and projects are doing. By: Johnny Baltzersen, CICED, chair  While all the headlines for weeks have been about the coronavirus in our own backyard, the focus is now also on...

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ViSTA – new CICED online magazine

11. March 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

CICED's new online magazine is 'on the street' today, d. March 11.  With the coronavirus as a backdrop, the first feature article focuses on Mongolia's efforts to contain the virus. With all kindergartens, schools and universities closed for the time...

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CICED ready for its 10th year

20. November 2019 Johnny Baltzersen

CICED held its general assembly on d. 20.11.2019. An ambitious work program for 2020 is in place. With ongoing and planned projects in Bolivia, Exile Tibet/India, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru and Tanzania, there will be plenty to keep the new board...

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