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Bad work environment is all about assholes

14. May 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

Reading time 4 min. - Listening time 7 min. This article is written in response to articles in Globalnyt about poor working environment in the NGO industry. Let me start by apologizing for the use of profanity in...

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It’s not that bad…

7. March 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

CICED is currently running eight projects with six partners in five countries on three continents. We do our best to share stories from the efforts with our members and readers of CICED NYT. All in all, it's going very well....

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International Day of Education: Why we must counter hate speech

25. January 2024 Johnny Baltzersen

The following text is from a UNESCO publishing on LinkedIn 24 January 2024 The world is grappling with a surge of violent conflicts and a disturbing rise in hate speech, intolerance and discrimination. That is why on this year’s International...

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