Quality education for poor children and youth in the Potosi region

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2,750,000 DKK

About Project

The project aims to provide children and young people with linguistic, cultural and vocational skills that enable them to break out of poverty and participate in social life as active and equal citizens in Bolivia.

The project’s primary target group is children and young people from the indigenous Quechua people, living in villages in four municipalities in the Potosí region, one of the poorest regions in the Bolivian highlands.

Three main efforts will pave the way to achieving the project’s objectives: (1) quality education; (2) socio-productive agricultural projects; and (3) initiatives to keep young people in education.

The bilingual intra- and intercultural education program to be developed by the project includes pre-school and primary education for children aged 4 to 12 years, as well as middle and high school education for girls and boys aged 13 to 18 years.

The educational program aims to provide children and young people with language skills in Quechua and Spanish and give them the necessary intra- and intercultural competencies.

Furthermore, the project will develop socio-productive agro-projects that support children, young people and their families to achieve sustainable lifestyles.

The development of socio-productive projects is an important part of Bolivia’s education law L070, and it aims to make education more contextual and de-academize curricula in favor of more vocational skills relevant to crafts and agriculture.

In addition, the socio-productive projects are intended to improve living conditions and reduce poverty among participants, thus counteracting youth migration to urban centers.

Climate change in the region requires the introduction of new crops and/or innovative cultivation methods and agricultural innovation will be at the heart of agricultural socio-productive projects.

Educational programs for the youth will include vocational guidance and rights education, with a special focus on how to properly respect the rights of girls.

Working with the youth and local communities, the project aims to run accommodation facilities in the larger villages to provide opportunities for youth, especially girls, from the smaller villages to attend secondary school.


Stomach upset and virtual newsletters

3. February 2022 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen First, a bit about corona in Bolivia  As the globe shows, Bolivia is on the side of the equator where summer takes the place of winter in December-January. That's why schools in the Potosí Highlands are only...

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New opportunities – for parents too

13. December 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen   With only 38% of the population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Bolivia has a long way to go. But there is some hope for better times ahead. Or there was, until the omicron variant appeared on the horizon....

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It’s going in the right direction

24. September 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Johnny Baltzersen  In Denmark, we are pleased that all corona restrictions have been put on hold. Occasionally, we also hear about the corona situation in countries close to us, but Danish media do not report much on how COVID-19...

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Views from a school garden

13. April 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

By Jette Luna and Johnny Baltzersen, CICED,   A school garden is the sound of fruit and vegetables, fresh air and dirt under your fingernails. It's a healthy learning space and a great outdoor dimension to the school day. But...

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Shared visions create hope in Potosí

20. March 2021 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Pedro Apala, Director, Acción Andina de Educación AAE  As a pluri-national state, Bolivia has enjoyed good economic, social and cultural development for more than a decade. Bolivia is not quite at the level of the developed countries yet, but...

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The priest blesses – toast in cola

20. November 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

Project car in Bolivia is inaugurated as prescribed. Once the car reaches the indigenous people of Potosí, more blessings await as the priest is replaced by local wise men and women.   We hadn't planned to use a project car, but...

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Schools close in Bolivia

7. September 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Jette Luna, vice-chair, CICED  The corona pandemic means increased inequality. Also in access to education. In Bolivia, the government decided in August to end the 2020 school year. The government cannot guarantee all children and young people access to...

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Lockdown no obstacle

18. May 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

Teacher training in Potosí, Bolivia in the shadow of the corona  By Jette Luna, CICED, vice-chair As in most countries around the world, all educational institutions in Bolivia are also deserted. All schools are closed, teachers have been sent home,...

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3. April 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

An overview of general challenges and how CICED, our partners and projects are doing. By: Johnny Baltzersen, CICED, chair  While all the headlines for weeks have been about the coronavirus in our own backyard, the focus is now also on...

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An extra bunk bed, please!

22. March 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Jette Luna & Johnny Baltzersen, CICED  It's not every day that a project's relevance can be measured in the need for bunk beds. But this is the case in Potosí in the Bolivian highlands, where CICED's project with Acción...

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Potosí project underway

2. February 2020 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Jette Luna, vice-chair, CICED The project in Bolivia has now started in earnest.  Last weekend, the project invited members from the local branch of the Ministry of Education in Potosi, as well as representatives from the school authorities in...

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Outside is necessary, but home should be best

17. December 2019 Johnny Baltzersen

By Jette Luna, CICED vice-chair and responsible for projects in Latin America  On January 1, 2020, CICED's new project in Bolivia starts: 'Quality education for children and youth in poor villages in the highlands of Bolivia'. The project aims to...

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Indigenous peoples and education

11. March 2019 Johnny Baltzersen

By: Jette Luna and Johnny Baltzersen, CICED Work on developing a new education project in Chuquisaca and Potosí in the highlands of Bolivia is in full swing. The new partner AAE; Acción Andina de Educación has during January and February...

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